Terms & Conditions

  • The Further Education Purchasing Consortium shall be called the Crescent Purchasing Consortium or CPC.
  • Membership to the CPC is free, and always will be.
  • All member institutions of the CPC will allow their names to be put forward as CPC Members when negotiating with suppliers.
  • All negotiations with suppliers on behalf of the CPC will be carried out by a designated member of the CPC or an officer working within the FE sector designated by the CPC.
  • Each institution wishing to participate in the CPC will provide the CPC with the name of a Liaison Officer who will receive the required support from the senior management of said institution.
  • Any agreed preferential rates or agreement pricing negotiated on behalf of the CPC will be made available to all member institutions.
  • This information is strictly confidential and shall not be revealed to any party outside the CPC.
  • Member institutions shall not use these rates as a benchmark for obtaining improved rates from non-CPC approved suppliers.
  • There is no obligation on member institutions to make any purchases with agreed CPC suppliers.
  • Any Educational institution in the UK will be allowed to join the CPC providing it agrees with these terms and conditions.
  • The CPC is funded by retrospective marketing premiums from approved CPC suppliers. No fee will be charged to CPC members. Please note that the marketing premiums paid by suppliers do not affect pricing received by member institutions in any way.

Any documentation accessed or provided to members remains confidential at all times and is the intellectual property of Crescent Purchasing Limited. All members agree not to share any documentation outside of their own institutions. Should a member not comply with this term, then CPC reserves the right to terminate membership of CPC and revoke all access to CPC resources.