Outstanding Diversity & Inclusion Practices in Procurement

This category will highlight outstanding diversity and inclusion practices in procurement and those that foster a culture of respect, belonging and empowerment for all people involved in the procurement process, which include CPC members, suppliers, employees, and wider stakeholders.

Our panel of judges will be looking for evidence of diversity and inclusion in procurement by;

· Establishing clear and measurable goals and policies for diversity and inclusion in procurement, such as increasing the representation of women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, veterans, or social enterprises in support of the Equality Act protected characteristics.

· Implementing effective strategies and tools to identify, attract, develop, and retain diverse talent and suppliers, such as mentoring, training, networking, outreach, certification, recognition, etc.

· Supporting social and economic development by creating opportunities for underrepresented groups.

· Monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on the progress and impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives in procurement, using relevant metrics, indicators, and benchmarks.

· Promotion of an inclusive environment and culture in your organisation, such as promoting awareness, education, communication, feedback, collaboration, etc.

· Enhancing innovation and creativity by leveraging diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas.

· Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by meeting their diverse needs and expectations by providing barrier free accessible services.