Best product/services innovation

This category will recognise new innovation across the CPC supply chain. Your submission will demonstrate the creation of an innovative product or service which has impacted the supply chain and wider education sector and CPC member community within the past two years. The product can range from education, technology, health and entertainment or wider offering which has supported the advancement of education or procurement function from any sector.

Our panel of judges will be looking for evidence of;

Demonstrable innovation to the CPC supply chain.

· The problem or need that your product is solving or addressing for the wider education sector and CPC member community.

· The value proposition and benefits of your product for our members, as well as your competitive advantage and differentiation in the market.

· The market size, demand, and trends for your product, as well as the existing and potential competitors and substitutes.

· The customer segments you are targeting.

· The product development process, including the ideation, design, prototyping, testing, validation, and launch stages.

· Demonstrate the functionality, design, and usability of the product.

· Performance and value for money proposition for CPC members.

· The product performance, delivery, and service.

· The sustainability and social responsibility of the product