Best large supplier (500 to 15,000 employees)

This category (500 to 15,000 employees) recognises the most outstanding supplier that is a large size organisation. It will celebrate the supplier that has demonstrated excellence in delivering quality products or services, meeting, or exceeding expectations, and adding value to the business and its stakeholders.

Our panel of judges will be looking for evidence of;

· The size, scope and nature of the supplier’s business and its products or services.

· The challenges and opportunities faced by the supplier in the market and the industry.

· The value proposition and benefits of the supplier for the business and its stakeholders, such as cost savings, innovation, quality, reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, etc.

· The evidence of the supplier’s performance, delivery, and service, such as metrics, feedback, testimonials, awards, etc.

· The differentiation and competitive advantage of the supplier in the market and the industry

· The sustainability and social responsibility of the supplier, such as environmental, social, and ethical practices and impacts