Best commitment to carbon reduction & sustainability

This category recognises the best commitment to carbon reduction & sustainability where organisations have demonstrated leadership, innovation, and impact in reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and enhancing their environmental sustainability. Sustainable procurement practices are those that minimise the negative environmental, social, and economic impacts of the procurement process whilst maximising on the positive benefits.

Our panel of judges will be looking for evidence of;

· The scope, scale and ambition of the organisation’s carbon reduction/footprint, sustainability goals and targets to net zero emissions.

· The strategies, policies and actions implemented by your organisation to achieve its carbon reduction and sustainability objectives, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon capture, offsetting, etc.

· Supporting certification and reporting to verify your carbon footprint and sustainability performance, using recognised standards and frameworks.

· Demonstrable outcomes and benefits of your organisation’s carbon reduction and sustainability initiatives, such as cost savings, revenue growth, stakeholder satisfaction, reputation enhancement.

· Using life cycle assessment criteria to evaluate the environmental impacts of products and services, such as carbon emissions, water consumption, waste generation, etc.

· Sourcing from suppliers who adhere to ethical, social, and environmental standards, such as human rights, labour rights, and fair trade.

· Implementing economy principles to reduce, reuse and recycle materials and resources, such as packaging, energy, water, etc.

· Measuring, reporting, and verifying the sustainability performance and impact of the procurement activities, using recognised frameworks and indicators.